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The Genesis Cup

Building team performance in a challenging environment.


Many of Britain’s forward-thinking companies have realised that today, their ultimate growth relies increasingly on the development of their personnel and how they communicate. The Genesis Cup builds further on this principal.

Effective Communication

Close Collaboration

Embrace Change

The ‘Genesis Cup’ champions these values in the fairly sheltered waters of the Solent, by bringing together your teams in groups of five employees in a way where they are encouraged to embrace change. It’s therefore no co-incidence that the Genesis Cup takes place at sea.

Only by working together can teams overcome new commercial challenges with the same degree of confidence to overcome shock, fear and denial, three natural responses that restrict a company’s ability to grow.

“The Genesis Cup is a sailing event for businesses with staff predominantly, or entirely, of non-sailing ability.”

An RYA Yachtmaster will be assigned to your vessel throughout the day giving you superb tuition and taking care of your crew’s personal safety.


9.15am – Breakfast rolls, coffee & tea.

9.45am – Introduction to your own RYA Yachtmaster who will be on hand throughout the day and allocated to your yacht (11.3mtr Beneteau Oceanis).

10.00am – Collection of loaned waterproof clothing (if required) and lifejackets.

10.30am – Safety briefing and initial yacht familiarisation onboard.

11.15am – Depart the berth for further yacht familiarisation and handling practice.

12.30pm – Lunch (sandwiches) and hot or cold drinks.

1.15pm – Team building sharing experiences in various roles

4.30pm – Return to the marina for tea, drinks and early evening meal

*All timings are approximate.

The Genesis Cup
The Genesis Cup Sailing Event
The Genesis Cup Sailing Event For Business

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