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R&D Tax Credits

We’ve helped clients recover up to £73,000 developing systems that will unleash your capabilities and help self-fund up to 100% of our time.

R&D Tax Credits

Since the launch of the governments R&D Tax Credit scheme we’ve worked with our client’s accountancy firms to recover between £12,000 and £73,000 per project against significant scientific or technological innovations our initiatives have driven benefits from. This has helped to self-fund large parts of our time on these projects and in so doing has helped us contribute to the advancements of the SME’s we’ve worked with.

To obtain a tax rebate against these innovations, you can claim up to two years after the work is concluded so you will need to maintain excellent records throughout the period to improve your likelihood of a successful claim. Our part of this process is to provide you or your accountants with a summary that demystifies the complexities of the projects and explains how the new systems are being used to empower your business by overcoming significant areas of uncertainty. The systems can be used to benefit your business as it stands today, or a new business you intend to launch based solely on the knowledge gained from this advancement in technology.

Our expert understanding of the system infrastructure is well placed to compile the documents required for the submission of an appropriate R&D Tax Credit application.

Our Trident service has been developed to help firms make strategic gains in Operations, Technology and Human Capital.

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