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Technology Implementation

"The new systems infrastructure Genesis convinced us we needed, thankfully enabled us to operate profitably and remotely, months before the Covid-19 pandemic struck."

Technology Implementation

Identifying what new technology implementations to commission, and recognising the value that new systems can have, are two particularly significant issues for SME’s across this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. But make the wrong choice and it could become a costly mistake on both your finances and your people, weakening your business rather than energising it.

With a clear view as to what makes the most commercial sense, we work with system developers to create the technology we recognise you need.

Acting as the auditor, author, designer and facilitator, we’ve made sense of data so that it meets your needs, building data systems called ‘Foresee’ (or 4C) that are currently operating in the: Leisure Vehicle & Marine, National Retail and Manufacturing industries. You can see examples of the systems and elements of the User’s Experience (UX) below.

Whilst these are fully customisable, it’s not what they do or what they look like that makes them effective. What really matters are the three things we keep at the forefront of all our solutions: affordability, functionality and on-going support, making them perfect for SME’s.

“The probing questions asked of our data teams allowed us to fully consider where and how our customer data was being used (and that) enabled us to take appropriate steps to meet this legislation (GDPR) head-on. The solutions we’ve developed have given the board great confidence, and the manner in which Nigel has served us has been sufficient to engage him indefinitely across a far wider remit.”

Once we’ve identified what you require, we’ll agree a fixed price before any of the technology implementation begins and we’ll look at ways of recovering a proportion of the costs against the systems and the attributed labour costs through the R&D Tax Credits scheme, in effect self-funding our support.

When we design a system, we know that it will undoubtedly become your ‘go-to’ place for timely information, whether that’s assessing the real-time position of:- retail sales, channel performance, stock availability, manufacturing capacity, operator efficiency, environmental performance or, any other areas on your ‘must have’ list.

Our Solution will provide you with accurate and timely management information and portray the latest positions and visual trends over any given period. It will automate processes and automatically trigger alerts on business-critical issues and set you free from labour intensive process that absorb costs and increase misunderstanding.

Our Trident service has been developed to help firms make strategic gains in Operations, Technology and Human Capital.

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