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Planning & Delivery

Don’t let your latest initiative be one of the 88% that fail.

Planning & Delivery

Experience shows us that regardless of the level of intent, most businesses find that even if they’d committed to some form of initiative, it’s the planning and delivery of it which they wrangled with the most. In a 2016 study by Bains & Co, results showed that 88% of all new initiatives were doomed to fail as a result of the lack of alignment in four key areas, People, Strategy, Culture & Leadership.

  • People suffer from heavy workload / time pressure / personal resistance through fear and job security
  • Strategy will suffer from personal divisions that will lead to a destabilising of the whole process
  • Culture suffers where individuals have been exposed to elements of ‘the blame game’, meaning that they are now conditioned to avoid any further risk.
  • Leaders may not be well-qualified to overcome obstacles that can benefit both the initiative and the company

Of course, the number of failures is so high because SME’s are limited by resource (available time, people skills and an appetite) to truly see things through. This ‘appetite’ issue is a particular frustration for business owners, because SME’s often ‘pull the plug’ thinking they’re reducing further financial losses, when so often they’re actually increasing them. But with improved planning it’s easier to identify the likely problems before they occur so you can increase the likelihood of delivering on your goals. Unfortunately, for so many the problem is always down to a lack of clear and objective planning.

Whether clients need to implement extensive changes, such as the relocation of an entire workforce, or something less complex like delivering results against a marketing plan, we’ve established a long and successful track record that’s helped our clients actively plan for success and articulate the expectations across the most challenging of areas. With our guidance, clients have experienced improvements in a host of operational performance related areas including, governance, procurement, human capital, strategy, systems, technology and fraud prevention, embedding new practises and driving future prosperity.

Our Trident service has been developed to help firms make strategic gains in Operations, Technology and Human Capital.

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