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Financial Investment

As one of dozen Ambassadors to a highly respected UK corporate finance house, we can help your business soar.

Financial Investment

If you’re looking to secure a financial investment to accelerate your business, it’s likely one of the options for growth is a cash injection raised through debt capital. If that’s the case and you believe your business is well-placed to receive funding, we can point you in the right direction through our appointment as one of dozen Ambassadors to a highly respected UK corporate finance house.

What do we mean when we say, ‘well placed’? Well, we’re ideally looking for businesses registered with Companies House that are financially sound, with a strong board structure and appropriate levels of governance, a clear and authentic business proposition and a turnover of between £2m and £50m. If you can meet these attributes, or with some additional support from us, might do so, please get in touch and we’ll help you start your journey. In many cases, existing clients will be introduced to funding streams without fee on smaller deals and if we can’t add value, we’ll make it clear early in our discussions.

If the funds are required to support a merger, or acquisition of another business, we can provide:-

  • access to dedicated reports on scores of businesses
  • information about their markets
  • specialist research to give you more value for the funding you may secure
  • help you identify suitable businesses for acquisition through a self-help platform that opens up over 100,000 private company targets
  • supply you with a list of comprehensive templates for your approach, all lawyer approved, and often within 72 hours

This proposition is entirely different to anything else that exists outside of this commercial agreement.


Another way you might be entitled to a financial investment is through the government’s R&D Tax Credits scheme. Although this differs to the type of financial investments mentioned above, R&D Tax Credits can be used to claim Corporation Tax rebates against any investments you’ve made in scientific or technological advancements to your business or sector. The rates for SME’s vary dependent on a number of factors including whether you’re a profit making, or loss-making business. But if we’re developing a new system on your behalf, we’ll help underpin any claim you make through your accountants. We’ve successfully compiled supporting claims running into £100,000’s in total rebates. See our dedicated page on this subject here.

Our Trident service has been developed to help firms make strategic gains in Operations, Technology and Human Capital.

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