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Build a Team

This sailing event aimed at non-sailors, will develop your teams and build on their strengths through close collaboration on the water.

The Genesis Cup

We’ve helped build your team, now let’s see how good it really is whilst we keep it together! With businesses continuing to come under growing pressure from competition, developing your staff and the business units they work within becomes increasingly significant. To champion the value of close collaboration, team development and effective communication we’re inviting you to register your team for the ‘Genesis Cup’, a challenging day of sailing for businesses with staff predominantly, or entirely, of non-sailing ability. Its purpose is to garner cohesion within your teams, whether that’s your board, non-executive and executive leadership team or specific business units.

When a team is surrounded by chaos, inaction or indecision, productivity and morale suffer. But when a team really gets to work together as one, their confidence creates strength, structure and stability which acts as an ideal ground for innovation and excitement. Consequently, any small personal sacrifices become a price they are willing to take, and if like us, you believe people are the strength of your business, then The Genesis Cup is the perfect results driven ‘away-day’.

For businesses to keep ahead of the game, its staff must face new commercial challenges with confidence and learn to recognise the risks and embrace their fears so that they are better equipped to overcome them. It’s all too easy to become stifled working in the same environment, the same way, but by re-learning how to work as a team, away from the comfort of your offices you’ll learn to see your colleagues in a different light, bringing personal rewards for all participants and commercial rewards for their businesses. If you’d like to find out more about ‘The Cup’ simply click on the link below.

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