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Human Capital

It’s dangerous to assume your greatest challenges are only external ones.

Human Capital

Every business owner or management team knows how important their staff are to the prosperity of the firm. But when owners and managers of SME’s are under so much pressure, finding sufficient time for their cohorts is precisely the reason why improvements in communication and dialogue are essential.

Whilst the simple answer to this relates entirely to the endless demands owners and boards face from: customers, fellow directors, shareholders, staff, bankers, financiers, suppliers and landlords, there is a much more complex issue that will continue to hold the company back until resolutions are found.

Unfortunately, SME’s are rarely geared towards resolving internal communications for the long-term, yet failure to do so will undoubtedly have knock-on effects that will lead to rises in poor performance, absence and eventually an inability to retain your staff, increased financial costs and intellectual property risk, to cultural concerns amongst suppliers and customers.

If you recognise this as a concern within your firm, we’ll help you bring the cohesion you’re looking for, tackling matters of: Transparency, Authenticity, Value, Direction, Communication, Empowerment and Trust so that together we can close these gaps and creating a more vibrant place for everyone to work.

According to reports 88% of new initiatives are doomed before they start due to poor leadership, understanding and appreciation of others concerns. If you recognise these issues and would like to make significant improvements that will develop your teams and their structure and improve the relationship you have with your staff, their skills and the style you collectively deliver we’ll work with you to create a better environment.

“During his time with us Nigel has successfully introduced new roles and responsibilities for the Directors, with Nigel offering full support... I have really enjoyed working with Nigel. He is articulate, driven and good-humoured, and has given us a much clearer vision for our business.”

The Cost of Poor Staff Retention

Operational Level – it costs on average 0.4 times annual salary to find hire and train a new recruit.

Middle Management 1.7 times annual salary

Senior Management 2.4 times annual salary

Our Trident service has been developed to help firms make strategic gains in Operations, Technology and Human Capital.

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