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There’s a list of questions that clients first ask when they speak to us and although it’s impossible to list them all, we’ve compiled a few of the most popular ones below. If the question you want to ask isn’t listed, then please contact us and we’ll happily answer it for you.

Q. How can we be certain you meet our requirements?
A. We’re convinced we can make a difference to our client’s businesses, and so we won’t ever make assumptions or take risks. If there’s something we need to know we’ll ask. Right from the start, we’ll ask you plenty of questions so that we can build a solid understanding of your business. Then once done, we’ll produce an agreed set of actions and either deliver them on your behalf, or simply help you to roll them out. It’s your choice, either way you’ll be delighted about the changes we’ll make together.
Q. What reassurances can you give us?

A. There’s several really. We’ve been engaged by clients since 2003 and we’ve gained some truly wonderful endorsements along the way; we’re professionally qualified (our MD was named ‘One of Britain’s Top 50 Small Business Advisors’) and we’ve worked with Royal Warrant holding businesses been engaged by Government Departments too. But if those things aren’t sufficient, we’re also fully insured through Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability since we were first incorporated.

Q. How far does our budget go?

A. We aim to make it work, so that you can see real improvements in your business that will be valued by everyone. We can work on a fixed budget which determines how much time we can commit; or for a slightly higher cost we can offer an unlimited amount of resource so you can be confident we can just get on with things as they arise. We’ve had clients work with both methods, it’s really down to what suits you. We do invoice all our clients at the start of each new month, that’s our way of making sure we’re valued rather than being exploited.

Q. Once we’ve committed to a method of payment is it fixed?

A. It’s fixed until such times as you want a deeper level of engagement with us. If you find that you’ve been surprised by how much we’re accomplishing and you want some greater flexibility, we can review the method.

Q. Are there any hidden charges?

A. Absolutely not. We never incur costs on your behalf that haven’t been agreed by you as part of the work we’re delivering.

Q. Do we sign a contract?

A. Yes, we do ask you to sign a contract before our work can commence. This provides both of us with a degree of commitment to one another. But if you ever felt you needed to serve us notice or to break the agreement, there are clauses contained within it that give you the scope to do so.

Q. Are there any other obligations?

A. When we send you the ‘Contract’ we’ll also send you two ‘Schedules’. Both are abbreviated summaries of the ‘Contract’; the first specifies the areas of support we’ll bring to your business; the second specifies the fees and payment information.

Q. Is there ever any jargon?

A. Although there will be occasions where some jargon is used, we’ll never leave you unsure of anything. After all, the purpose of our relationship is to bring you and your team along on the same journey and if we can’t do that, then quite simply we won’t have succeeded.