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Case Study 7

Shared Values

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the Coronation Festival would honour British tradition and excellence from July 11-14th, 2013. Those fortunate to obtain a ticket would be provided with the rare chance to wander around Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s private gardens, which transpired would occur during a sustained period of unusually high temperatures.

Visitors were given the chance to engage in a variety of displays, watch cooking demonstrations, enjoy the many pop-up cafes and restaurants and wander around the exhibits of over 200 Royal Warrant holders, all whilst strolling through the gardens. The event was truly spectacular, and it was a privilege to have been invited and to accept a special place in the ongoing development of these shared values.

Coronation Festival

Whilst we cannot claim to have been the responsible for this shared value, we were very much responsible for underpinning its ongoing development and for ensuring that all parties understood their part on this process. In that regard we were more akin to being the ‘conductor of the orchestra’, the silent but visible element that is tasked with delivering a great performance. Four Royal Warrant holders (all of which were our clients) invited us to lead the communications and timetable of key metrics. This case study though is most definitely not about us, it’s about striking the right balance of togetherness from the outset. This meant everyone involved collectively understood their role and when faced with unexpected challenges (as would undoubtedly be the case), they could share news of their problems without fear of recrimination, relying on an open  agreement that each company would support those who might periodically fall behind.

Whilst we have worked on many joint ventures, this project stands above all others due to the harmony and work ethic of the entire group. You see the key thing with having shared values, is understanding that it is actually, ‘shared’. All too often in such situations, some partners have the tendency to fall by the wayside, causing them and others particular pain. This was not the case here, partly perhaps because we couldn’t let Her Majesty down, but equally because we were all working towards a ‘united goal’. These were values that extended throughout our four exhibiting companies and the hundreds of employees who worked incredibly long hours to make sure nothing was left to chance that could cause untold disruption later. It was as a result of many arduous hours and collective meetings and an almost tangible appreciation of the values that this was pulled off in spectacular style.

Yet so often companies seem to struggle with creating these ‘shared values’ within their teams perhaps due to a lack of tangible, realistic or correctly communicated goals. Yet on a day-to-day basis many SME’s continue to tolerate such failings which continue to destabilise a team and with it the increase the likelihood of not achieving the desired results.

Coronation Festival

So, what do we ultimately put the success of this event down to? Well, ‘Shared Values’ clearly need to be ‘shared’ as we said, but to share them requires the group to have a broad mix of attributes. It needs people who are: –

  • Comfortable taking responsibility as the project overseer – an orchestra conductor, who managed the budget and retained complete financial control;
  • A great organiser who could plan with meticulous precision the individual components of the project and making them finally appear to fit with almost minimal effort;
  • An excellent motivator who can confidently encourage the whole unit to step up even further when the ‘chips are down’;
  • A great listener, someone who will always make themselves available for others, regardless of their own personal challenges;
  • And a wide group of people, who have a desire to belong to something successful and who will be willing to work tirelessly for the cause, but who would readily admit to not being able to undertake any of the above roles if asked privately.
  • An appreciation of each other’s roles and how we need to interact with them

All these wonderful people were present in our group as we planned and delivered on our visitor experience at the Coronation Festival and created some truly memorable experiences along the way.

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