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Tech systems developed the way you want them!

Tech systems developed the way you want them will revolutionise your workflow

If you’re a small to medium sized business and technology is causing you concern, our tech systems will be developed just the way you want them. There could be any number of reasons why you’ve not adopted better technology before now. It could be down to the perceived high cost, that you’ve not yet been able to identify any real benefit, that the disruption will cause you grief or that you are just unsure where to go to get the system that would benefit you the most. 

All these views are perfectly reasonable and we’ve come across them all at one time or another, but we can help you overcome them. You see the day you set up your business was the day that you decided to take market share away from your competition, if you fail to do that for too long, you’ll be left asking yourself why you didn’t make the move earlier. So, let’s take a look at the individual points from above to explain why there’s never been a better time than now to make that move.


We’re firm believers that it’s not the price you pay but the benefits you receive that count, regardless of whether it’s a pair of shoes or improvements to your tech systems. However, the benefit of investing in your own technology, is that the insights delivered by a new system could easily have an effect on the quality of the shoes that your competitors will wear!  The other aspect that’s worth noting, is that we’re so confident that a new system will deliver plenty of additional benefits, we’ll even spread the payments for SME’s for up to twelve months. A kind of ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ solution that should give you increased confidence.


Systems that don’t provide benefits aren’t investments, so if you’re unsure what to expect from an off-the-shelf piece of software don’t buy it. Unless you’re completely invested in the process you’ll never have that level of engagement with the system. However, with tech systems developed the way you want them, you’ll be more likely to adopt and engage with it from the outset. Right from the start of the process, we’ll talk to you about the things you want to glean from the system and we’ll suggest other areas you may not have considered too, The “What if”, “Why does” and “How many”. Once we’ve had this conversation, we’re sure you’ll see the benefits.


It’s true, there are those who won’t introduce new systems because they could disrupt current working practices. But isn’t a little bit of pain now worth it, if the system proves to be able to answer the questions you ask constantly and never receive answers to? Isn’t it likely that the answers are already there in your current systems, but they’re just not designed in such a way to let you get to them? We’ll build new systems outside of any existing day-to-day practices, then when you’re ready, we’ll make the system available for you and your teams to test its functionality. Perhaps the project could even be scoped and developed to coincide with existing legacy systems licences being up for renewal? It’s our aim with any new system to reduce your company’s disruption and your commercial risk.


As people most of us can at some point be a creature of habit. We eat the same food, shop at the same stores, use the same toothpaste, even go on the same holiday. In business too, most employees become comfortable with the same way of working day-in, day-out (see But working in this manner is counterproductive. Businesses are driven to invest, adapt and improve, that’s why competition is so valuable. In nature, the weakest fall prey to those who are driven to survive and the same is true in business. Where do you want to be?


If you’re an SME and are still unsure about having tech systems developed the way you want them, we’ve written an overview called, ‘Five Features of a Custom System for Strategic Competitive Advantage’ ( to help you further. You can also see examples of some of the systems we’ve helped develop here

Should you like to speak with us about anything discussed in this blog, you can book a slot in my diary at a time to suit you by visiting the ‘Services’ page on our website to book  


Nigel Davis was voted ‘One of Britain’s Top 50 Small Business Consultants’ & is both a Fellow of the CIM, a Chartered Marketer and an Ambassador for private equity & exit planning company.

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