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Nigel Davis, voted one of Britain’s Top50 Small Business Advisors

Britain's Top 50 Small Business Advisor Award
Britain’s Top 50 Small Business Advisor Award

So after twelve months of working with recipients of the Government’s Growth Vouchers, I’m awarded recognition as a Top 50 Adviser thanks to some fabulous client endorsements and approval from the panel!  It certainly came as a bit of a surprise, so much so I had to read the email confirming it twice, ‘Congratulations, you’ve been voted One of Britain’s Top 50 Small Business Advisors’. Wow, what an accolade to receive especially from a pool that contains over 10,000 fellow advisors on the Growth Voucher scheme, but to be nominated by those I help is especially rewarding. 

The awards, run by business network Enterprise Nation, asked businesses to nominate an adviser that had helped them to build and grow a sustainable business, revealed a rich vein of dedicated supporters for the UK’s expanding entrepreneurial culture. “The awards have uncovered some incredible work that has helped fledgling firms take steps towards sustainability and growth by taking a strategic look at their business” said Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation.

The entries were judged by a distinguished panel including representatives from professional bodies: the ICAEW, the Department for Business, Industry and Skills and StartUp Loans as well as Emma Jones and James Layfield, the founder and entrepreneur behind Central Working. Emma Jones paid a further tribute by saying, “These business advisers are the unsung heroes behind Britain’s booming small business culture”. She added, “Research shows that those firms that take advice do better than those that don’t – and it stands to reason that good advice can help avoid some of the damaging, early mistakes entrepreneurs can make that can often force them to give up”.

Personally, I love my job and that counts so much towards the success of what I do. The businesses I help also had this passion once, but many have lost it as they’ve grown, it’s too easy for a business to become distracted and lose sight of what they’re trying to achieve. All too often these businesses become creatures of their own micro-climate and end up without any real purpose and vision which unfortunately often leads to discord and a lack of unity within the team.  For a company to be successful it must be able to build on everything thing it sets out to do, otherwise you end up running an organisation you resent which is why having the support of an independent ‘critical friend’ to provide strategic advice can be extremely beneficial. Good advice can help you put simple systems and practices in place to make sure that the business stays on track, giving you back that control to help you do, what you thought you had lost.

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