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Digital Work Experience for a Young Student

Teenage boy browsing internetWe’ve got a really great opportunity for a young person to show any future employer just what they’re capable of and where they might hope to progress with their career in digital marketing. So if you know anyone who would love to secure this chance, please feel free to show them this blog and get them to get in contact with me. 

We’re working with a client in the traditional skills sector, a cabinetmaker to be precise who produces stunning pieces of free-standing furniture and interior joinery. They don’t sell their designs through a catalogue or retail chain, instead everything they make is made to order (referred to as bespoke) so it’s rarely the case that they ever make two items the same.

Everyone’s familiar with the massive growth in commercial video, but there comes a time where it doesn’t matter what you watch, commercial videos often all look the same…corporate and dull as a result. So during our discussions with the client we agreed we wanted to do something completely fresh in this environment so that even if it wasn’t as commercially successful as we would hope then some young person looking for that first step into a career in digital marketing and motion graphics could still benefit from it. Both the client and I already work regularly to support young talented people through many different schemes and we’ve seen how determined they can be when given a chance. Recently I was impressed to see several students come through the Career Ready programme (formerly Career Academies UK) and have the confidence to present to over 200 schools and businesses at a launch event in Birmingham so we know what’s possible.

Can you help us find that determined young person who can work with us to produce a very different commercial video for the cabinetry and woodworking profession? This video will need to tell a story about the clients’ evolution from their humble beginnings to a position where they’re regarded as being amongst the world’s best in their field!

All we want for now is a one minute show reel to convey yours or your nominee’s skills in commercial videography and motion graphics in relation to the challenge we’re setting. You can use live action or digital animation, you can caption the images, or overlay audio, the choice is yours. All you need do is register your interest by email before 8th May 2015 and then send me your submission in an email titled ‘Submission of Interest – Cabinetmaking digital challenge’ by Friday 22nd May 2015; once we’ve decided on the best submission we’ll be in touch with the full details required for inclusion in the final piece of work. We’ll help you complete the piece by providing background history on the company and also provide you the chance to sit in on a client meeting a gain some valuable commercial feedback and experience in a business environment.

The final piece should be concluded by Friday 26th June 2015, so get your skates on, you don’t know what this could lead to.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the winner will be paid fairly for their time and work and potentially benefit from royalties for each view the video receives over a pre-determined period after launch.

To summarise:

  • Expressions of interest should be registered by Friday 8th May 2015, by sending an email to
  • One minute show-reel that encapsulates your talents should be sent by email to the above address by Friday 22nd May 2015
  • Completed piece concluded by Friday 26th June 2015

Best of luck!

Nigel Davis, MCIM Chartered Marketer
Managing Director
Genesis DM Ltd

N.B Please note Genesis DM Ltd reserves the right not to select from any of the nominations if the quality of work submitted in the show-reels is not deemed of high enough quality for use in a commercial environment.

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