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Our thoughts on the latest developments impacting your business.

Brand Confusion?

What is a brand? A fairly straightforward question but with many struggling to define it accurately it seemed worthy of a a short definition from

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Exporting is Great (Britain)

Recently UK Trade & Industry (UKTI) ran a series of market specific one-to-one scheduled meetings and mini seminars aimed at persuading British manufacturing and service businesses

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Defining Marketing!

There’s an interesting debate rumbling on in a number of social network groups and also offline at the moment about what marketing actually is. Thankfully

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The Great Divide

  Since October 2010 we’ve been pleased to be able to lend our professional support to many local secondary school children within our area as

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Teamwork in business

Investing in your human assets – Our SME clients expect success and enlist our help to overcome issues surrounding their profitability, with our work often

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United we stand!

Are you sitting comfortably? Well let’s begin. Once upon a time there was a large band of ‘unscrupulous’ men and women. They worked in environments

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Let the bus take the strain.

I was recently invited by a client to attend the private launch of the latest in their line of ‘new product’ regional developments. Unlike many other new ‘products’,

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The value of data driven marketing

I and sixty other businesses attended the splendid Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, for a presentation entitled ‘Understanding the Value of Data Driven

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Dodo or Yeti, you decide.

I’m sure you’ll see why I have used these examples, so consider this. Has the web helped to improve upon our preconceptions or worsen them? With such

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