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Our thoughts on the latest developments impacting your business.

Sorry, no blog this month – we’re working on our new website!

We’re taking a rest from our monthly blog whilst we work on our new website!

Thanks for checking in again, but we’re sorry to say that there’s no blog this month as we’re carefully busy preparing our new website with lots of new information about the extended services that we’re now beginning to deliver for our current and future clients. 

We’ll have so much to share when the new site goes ‘live’ in the next few months. There will be news about our latest commercial business relationships that are sure to help you develop your business from seed to sale, advice on strategy and planning, corporate governance, non-executive and consultancy advice, mergers and acquisitions, marketing technology suggestions (and let’s be honest, there’s still plenty of businesses struggling to get to grips with this), news on how you can offset some of the costs here too and then news about our latest awards, and the launch of what we really believe will be an incredible team (The Genesis Cup) event that has no rivals, so please check back in soon!

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