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The ‘Training’ Winner Takes It All

ImageIn March 2015, we exhibited at the Business & Trade Expo organised by Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, and like any good exhibition attendee we needed a particularly appealing and somewhat different prize draw from the usual Apple iPad’s and special introductory offers and thankfully we didn’t need to think too long or hard about our choice.

As a strategic marketing consultancy we look at a wide range of issues that will affect the promotion of your business, in fact everything from your branding and the markets you serve to the way you engage them through your external communications and support them through internal teams.  This last one is often overlooked, but is often the most critical because it has a much longer lasting impression and will significantly contribute towards success in the other areas. Needless to say a proportion of our time is devoted to getting the best out of your teams through training and coaching, and with good effect too, which is why our prize was designed to build firmly on the principle of creating exceptional teams.

As such we like to take people out of their comfort zones and one such method is to invite people onto a sailing yacht, an experience that not many get to encounter, because by their own admission there’s an increased level of anxiety about being at sea.  Yet when this is coupled with a strong business message, from that first step on board, people generally leave their perceptions behind them. Everyone is there to learn new techniques and skills, learning to work together for the good of the boat, learning to sail it efficiently, just as if the business had become the boat.

The prize draw we ran for the #CWExpo was a similar session albeit more the social side of experiencing a weekend sailing jolly, but one that would nonetheless show what principles could be learnt through such methods when you suddenly put people in a completely different position and from what we heard from the winner, it certainly did that to good effect.

Ironically, the winner of our prize draw was one of three ladies who we met from Flick Learning, another business that firmly believes in the value of personnel training. Flick, with their online e-learning tools are a company I recommend, and coupled with the initiatives we ourselves offer, you might well see your business taking greater control of its fortunes, a case of the ‘training winner takes it all’.

Twitter extracts:

Nigel Davis ‏@GenesisDM_Ltd  Jun 8
I so wanted you to enjoy it @FlickLearning and it sounds like you did. Possibly the best #cwexpo prize ever?

flick learning ltd ‏@FlickLearning  Jun 8
Most definitely the best #cwexpo prize ever @GenesisDM_Ltd!

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