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How to Deliver Success from Within

ebc-1289_19138650412_o (800x533)Some very clever sage famously once said, ‘keep doing the same things you did yesterday and you’ll continue to get the same results tomorrow’. My word, how true that is. But the saddest part of this is that it’s something we are probably all acutely aware of, yet so often we carry on doing what we’ve always done. I’m no different (to some extent anyway) as I embarked on a long period of re-training around a decade ago and it paid great dividends, so I’m able to sit here and recognise just what can happen when you start to do things differently. 

Yet in business, especially small businesses and that can include companies with a turnover in the region of £50m, the same things are delivered by the same people every day, across every level of employment, from bottom to top. 

For those who’ve read some of my blogs before you’ll know I’m a Chartered Marketer, that I was awarded the title ‘One of Britain’s Top 50 Small Business Advisors’ just a year ago, that I support students on training schemes to better prepare them for the workplace and that I sail yachts and dinghies for fun along with other members of my family.

Recently I’ve joined up all these things for the long-term benefit of businesses possibly like yours. Many companies focus marketing on external campaigns, often completely overlooking the value of internal marketing. Many don’t challenge or support the development of their staff and inadvertently they begin to deteriorate as competition around them soars. Many view young people coming into their workplace as being a demand on their time, which they could avoid altogether if they recruited a ‘skilled’ person.

For external marketing to work effectively and profitably marketing MUST first be developed from within and that requires business owners and departmental leaders to encourage their teams to confidently face new challenges without trepidation. Challenges once faced (and regardless of who wins or who comes second) truly helps prepare teams for those commercial fights that matter, the ones that develop the people and companies with them; the ones that others parties look to as being perfect examples of how commerce should deliver gains for all (buyers, sellers, employees and employers).

So how can you develop your teams and identify which of your personnel are most comfortable supporting the group leader, or those that thrive on giving their personal support to their teams as leaders themselves?

We’re hosting a team sailing event in September 2016 aimed largely at non-sailors called the Genesis Cup. Sailing in itself is a challenging and exhilarating sport which relies at this level on team efficiency. Of course as we said above, it’s not just about winning (although if you do, your team gets free entry the following year to defend your crown) as every competing team will take something positive from the event, whether that’s the chance to view colleagues differently, to overcome office prejudices that stifle team development, the opportunity to search their own personal strengths and weaknesses and of course the chance to network with others on the same journey.

If you would like to find out more about entering a team into the 2016 GENESIS CUP, you can do so here.

If you recognise this problem within your company and want to discuss further what we could do for you, please do get in touch by calling 01788-815327.

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