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Management Consulting for business owners and their teams during times of challenge and uncertainty

All businesses encounter complex and demanding challenges, but those who prioritise organisational alignment and create compelling customer propositions over competing internal perspectives, are better equipped to overcome them, unifying their approach and enabling positive growth.

But for SME’s, taking such actions across operations, technology and human capital isn’t easy when time and energy is needed for other day-to-day priorities.

Our management consultancy has worked exclusively with privately owned SME companies since 2003, helping them to identify and rapidly overcome specific problems across a myriad of business areas and empowering the leadership as they progress towards a brighter and more resilient future. You’ll hear some consultancies refer to this as ‘Change Management’ but in truth equipping your business to be the best it can be is simply, obvious.

If you need help reaching new standards, we’ll provide you with specialist interim support and objective advice to determine the best approach for you. The catalyst for this is our ‘Trident’ service that delivers results across three main business areas: operations, technology and human capital aspects of your business.

Due to the explosion of new specialist skills, the jargon used by them and the limited numbers of external support capable of helping you ‘join the dots’, small business owners are experiencing greater levels of disjointedness across their businesses than ever before as they try to grapple with new technologies, operational improvements and regulation.

Supporting the work of SME businesses continuously since August 2003

“A state without the means of some change, is without the means of its own conservation”
Edmund Burke 1729-1797

Genesis can help you 'join the dots'.

Genesis 7 S

Are you?

A private or family run business?


Currently employing between 20 and 300 staff?


Turning over between £2M and £50M per annum?


Experiencing issues that are affecting growth?


Developed over the past 15 years our ‘Trident’ service has helped firms make strategic gains in Operations, Technology and Human Capital.

Book your FREE 15-minute discovery call to see if it could kick-start the next phase of your company’s evolution.

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