Nigel has worked with all the Directors to look at our roles and the roles of our employees and to make changes where necessary to enable us to setup a more formal internal structure.
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2016 News

Marketing Strategy: How it works in practice
Nov 2016
It was lovely to be able to attend this Chartered Institute of Marketing event held at Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham, led by Dr Gary Burke & Dr Carola Wolff. Following their research study the pair took to the floor to challenge our thinking and question our beliefs on who is responsible for developing the business strategy within any corporate operation. Is this the responsibility of the 'C' level team in conjunction with marketing or should it include middle management from other departments also? The session included a level of very active debate on product development, business growth and re-trenching, staff capabilities, reporting, careful use of time management and innovation, as well as who should take the lead in the process. Certainly from my own experience and perspective I can cite several examples where a collaborative approach has been much more effective than an authoritarian control. This has never been more true than it is today where getting a broad set of ideas on the table quickly can contribute significantly towards a successful evaluation and progression. In addition to the lecture, it was also very good to see some old friends from the CIM and also to make some new acquaintances.

Warwick Boys School - First Ever Entrepreneurship Dinner
Nov 2016
I was delighted to receive an invitation to Warwick Boy's School's first ever entrepreneurship dinner, an event which sat sixth form boys at tables of local businesses to hear the good and the not so good news about their respective industries. The events aims being to help the boys make informed choices about their eventual career aspirations. The event was well attended with around 50 local entrepreneurs that included people from both the professional service and product industries. I enjoyed speaking to all the boys but one young man in particular was keen to learn about our experience in both manufacturing and automotive parts distribution, new product development and pricing for profit.

Barr's Hill School - Career Ready 2016 - 2018 Cohort Intake
Oct 2016
With the start of a new academic year now recently underway, today (12th Oct) marked the start of the student interviews at Barr's Hill School,Coventry; a process to ascertain the commitment and desire of the students who wish to be considered for acceptance as cohorts on this year's Career Ready programme. The interviews lasted all day, but by the end of it we had drawn up our list of confirmed students. We look forward to supporting, mentoring and providing them with workplace visits and internships throughout their two year study period which coincides with their sixth form years.

Client Story - First Ever Internship Presentations
Jul 2016
The 21st July marked a really rewarding day in both my year, the year of our client and also the two young interns who were delighted to accept summer placement offers through the Career Ready programme I help facilitate. Like so many companies generally do, it's easy to overlook young people without experience in favour of older employees with. So when I asked our caravan and motorhome client to consider the benefits they would receive through engaging with the process, it was met with some initial scepticism, yet four weeks later everone was all smiles. Yes, it meant the company in question had to challenge their staff to undertake a careful review of their employment processes on top of other work they were required to do, but that extra buy-in at the outset meant the interns had a wonderful experience and grew in confidence throughout the duration, even delivering a presentation to what were once strangers on its conclusion. The experience was so greatly valued by all, that the company has now significantly reconsidered its position in this regard and has also enrolled one of its yound employees on a Management Apprenticeship programme.

Ashlawn School - Leadership Presentation (Jul 6th)
Jul 2016
I was recently approached to see if I would be willing to handout the students leadership certificates on completion of their course and to share with them my thoughts on the subject. As leaders go, I wouldn't have put my name in the frame and I'm certain the students who I'm going to deliver this session to wouldn't either. But perhaps that's the beauty of the evening, challenging students to think about how each of us can act as leaders to others and the qualities required that every 'leader' needs in order to succeed. If they go away at the end of the evening with the knowledge that you don't have to be a Winston Churchill or an Admiral Nelson, the I'll have done my job.

Barclay's Eagle Lab launch, iCentrum Building, Birmingham
May 2016
It was a real honour to be invited to the launch evening of this new venture between Birmingham City Council and Barclay's Corporate Banking. The building is home to Entrepreneurs for the Future – Birmingham’s leading incubator programme for tech start-ups. The incubator has supported over 100 entrepreneurs by helping to take their business from idea to market. Currently home to businesses launching everything from intelligent mobility systems to craft beer manufacturers, the office space provides a superb working environment that offers access to collaborative working and much more.

The Power Behind Business Growth
May 2016
In conjunction with De Montfort University, the Chartered Institute of Marketing hosted this event for business owners at DMU's entrepreneur hub. The event, led by Prof. Jonathan Deacon from the University of South Wales who himself is the Director of the University's Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, challenged the audience to consider what were the five top factors that could truly be seen as 'The Power Behind Business Growth'. The event ran throughout the day with lively discussion was encouraged by our m.d to consider the value of the team, the people within it and the benefits of surrounding yourself with leaders.

Career Ready Graduation - St. Mary's Guildhall, Coventry
Apr 2016
And so onto the second of our Graduation ceremonies in the C&W region. This time for the students at Lyng Hall School, Coventry as another group of Career Ready graduates complete their course with a celebration of their accomplishments after two years of additional whilst preparing for their A-Levels. The event was held in one of Coventry's most majestic and historic buidings, St. Mary's Guildhall and was attended by the City's Mayor and Mayoress. One of this year's cohorts, beat finalists from across the UK with her achievements in STEM subjects and through her progress during her internship. In recognition of winning this award, it's sponsors, Astra Zeneca are sending her to learn more about the Hadron Collider which lies 574ft beneath the surface on the border of Switzerland and France.

Big Data challenge
Mar 2016
A long standing and un-named client of GDM's has invited the company in to help unravel the mysteries of 'big data', or what we prefer to call it, 'Smart data'. The process of linking the data you posess already with a world of data available elsewhere in order to form a new understanding of the ways a business can increase its value to its customer base. The first stage of the project is expected to take 12-16 weeks to conclude before the development of the next generation offering for this national niche retailer.

Coventry & Warwickshire Growth Hub (LEP)
Mar 2016
As part of our pro-bono duties for Career Ready, a small group of three members from our regional Local Advisory Board met with the newly appointed Enterprise Co-ordinator working within the Warwickshire LEP to offer its views on increasing access for school students within our region. The process will be led by Career Ready and the LEP who, like CR are also trying to develop a network of volunteers, tapping into our history wherever possible.

Fire Protection Agency - invitation to pitch
Mar 2016
The FPA identified Genesis DM's Managing Director after conducting a search on the Chartered Institute of Marketing's 'Consultants' page and reading up about his award for delivering business growth to SME's as 'One of Britain's Top 50 Advisors'. The pitch for a large market research project went well, so watch this space.

Career Ready Graduation - Coventry Building Society
Feb 2016
Well two years down the road and another group of Career Ready graduates complete their course with a celebration of their accomplishments after two years of additional study on top of their A-Levels. The event was hosted by the Coventry Building Society and we were happy to attend to celebrate with the students as staunch supporters of the programme.

Meet an Advisor - Hosted by KPMG, Canary Wharf
Jan 2016
Nigel Davis has been invited to attend a question an answer session aimed to educate those people either considering starting, or recently starting new business ventures. The session takes place at KPMG's offices in Canary Wharf, London E14 5GL on Saturday 16th January 2016 and is one of a series of events taking place that day. Nigel was invited by Enterprise Nation having been voted 'One of Britain's Top 50 Small Business Advisors' last year.

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