Nigel has worked with all the Directors to look at our roles and the roles of our employees and to make changes where necessary to enable us to setup a more formal internal structure.
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2015 News

Career Ready Masterclasses, ‘Know Yourself’
Dec 2015
In January 2016 as part of our Pro Bono role on the Local Advisory Board of Career Ready, Nigel Davis (Genesis DM Ltd) and two colleagues on the LAB team will be delivering the structured session ‘Know Yourself’ into two sixth form colleges in Coventry, Barrs Hill and Lyng Hall. The sessions encourage students to think about themselves as employees in the workplace, specifically what strengths and weaknesses they need to be aware of so that they can benefit from a fulfilling career. Together we’ll be tweaking the slides over Christmas to tailor these sessions for each group of participants. It's more rewarding than Christmas TV re-runs!

Christmas Essentials!
Dec 2015
A great night was had with our friends at Cranfield Business Recovery at the beginning of the month when we attended their annual Christmas cheese and wine evening. This was due in no small part to the request that ALL invited parties were to wear the obligatory Christmas sweater. Unfortunately not all complied and one person (who I won’t embarrass by sharing his name) even asked me in the car park if the whole thing was a ‘set up’, before I encouraged him to return to the car and don the aforementioned garment…before he duly conformed. Once inside, Cranfield had arranged a fun photo booth with other essential Christmas accoutrements: Santa hats, wigs and even antlers to provide that must have ‘Christmas Look’ that will not doubt be used to ridicule us in the months ahead?

Government withdraws Growth Accelerator funding
Nov 2015
Unfortunately for many SME’s the Government decided on the back of its Autumn Budget statement (Nov 25) that it would withdraw all business growth funding almost immediately, with the deadline for last applications being 30th November 2015. Even for delivery partners of Government part-funded support such as ourselves this was completely unexpected. Just days beforehand two of the administrators of the Growth Accelerator scheme (Grant Thornton and PERA), both personally confirmed to us that ONLY the administration process would change but the scheme would still run to completion in 2017. As delivery partners the earlier Growth Vouchers scheme we found the process had real value because it created a reason to seek external help and advice, when many businesses may have chosen to persevere with their plans and hope for the best. Of course some people will be dismissive of the idea of giving state funding to business owners, preferring them to sink or swim, but we should remember that times have changed. Today, there are now greater numbers of business owners than ever before, and many don’t have a thorough understanding of what’s needed to survive, let alone grow. So if we want our children to find work in strong, self-assured businesses it’s in all our interests to support them when they need us most. However, despite these changes, if you would like to see how we can help you with your growth plans, please do get in touch.

Shipston High School, Enterprise Challenge Year 9 students
March 2015
Several times a year a good business associate of ours, Angie Maffey of Maffey Associates, asks if I’d offer my time to several schools as a business coach to secondary school students across various year groups as they begin to consider their academic options and career paths. I’m beginning to lose count of how many of these events I’ve now done but supporting these young people has great personal rewards for all parties and is always greatly appreciated by the schools. Besides if it means I can show just a little during my days with them about what the marketing industry has to offer then it’s got to be worth it, one day I might find some of them sitting in front of me?

The Winner of our Weekend Sailing Competition was...
March 2015
On Friday 13th March Genesis DM's two Directors, Nigel & Linda Davis exhibited at the CW Expo, hosted by Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and held at the Ricoh Arena. We offered a fabulous prize of a weekend sailing in a competition to estimate the length of the sailing rope displayed on our stand. The winner of our prize (should she choose to accept it) is Suzee Laxton of Flick Learning Ltd. Suzee was just 0.98m out with her guess of 33.5m. I think she choose wisely as her estimate split the estimates made by her two colleagues, so well done Suzee, this is a great prize and one I hope you'll thoroughly enjoy. As business strategists we find sailing is great for bringing out the best in any team, as the are risks and rewards can be seen in an instant and on the sea it's not just important, it's critical that everyone works together. We'll be awarding other similar prizes again, so to find out when these happen, please sign-up for our e-newsletter!

Let’s do Business (Career Ready & National Careers Service)
March 2015
It was great to be invited by my friends at Career Ready (formerly Career Academies UK) to the launch of their new initiative that aims to bring a much closer but perhaps more importantly structured approach to building career pathways between schools, colleges and employers. Until now most programmes have been developed by individual schools and small independent facilitators which although admirable lacks real bite or long-term progression. Students simply engage over a short period leaving employers to face the challenges of bringing unskilled people ‘up-to-speed’ across the business. With many struggling here, particularly with those students who fail to make any effort in appearance, attendance or enthusiasm, it’s little surprise that many employers fail to engage schools again. However, having worked as a LAB (Local Advisory Board) member on the Warwickshire College programme I’ve seen how engaging businesses early gives them the chance to influence student progression whilst simultaneously providing additional support to schools and colleges (who often lack the time and skills to build relationships with industry. This seems like a ‘no-brainer’ and one I hope will gather great momentum over the weeks and months ahead.

Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Business & Trade Expo
March 2015
Genesis DM have booked a space at the Business & Trade Expo, scheduled to take place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 13th March 2015. Plans are now progressing nicely despite the occasional set back and with Nigel Davis, our Director having recently been voted 'One of Britain's Top 50 Small Business Advisors' we can start to look forward to the event itself. If you're planning on going why not drop by Stand 42 for an informal chat and see why we differ from other marketing consultancies then enter our prize draw to stand a chance of winning something completely different...just like us!

I've been voted one of Britain's Top 50 Business Advisors!
Jan 2015
Wow, what an accolade. This month I received notification that I'd been confirmed as one of 'Britain's Top 50 Small Business Advisors' selected from a pool of over 7,500 advisors by Enterprise Nation for the support and direction I've given to companies in this category. Nominated by those I've helped the award came completely out of the blue and fills me with pride and excitement. The awards are made to Consultants who specialise in five business disciplines at a strategic level: IT, Finance, Recruitment, Marketing & Leadership. If I can help you grow your business, please do get in touch. Nigel Davis, MCIM Chartered Marketer

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