Nigel has worked with all the Directors to look at our roles and the roles of our employees and to make changes where necessary to enable us to setup a more formal internal structure.
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2014 News

Career Academies (UK)
Dec 2014
The LAB (Local Advisory Board) met to discuss the plans for the development of the programme across Warwickshire College for 2015/2016 and whilst budgets are being finalised there is a real desire to see this grow by taking many more students through the programme over the coming years. A lot of work has been put into this especially by Sarah Ranson, who led the programme internally at the College, but Sarah has now taken up a new more commercial position elsewhere and will be missed by the students who got to know her well these past two years. If you would like to help with the delivery of this, or you know someone who might be willing to join the LAB, we'd be delighted to hear from them.

Churning out the next generation
Oct 2014
Tonight will be at least our fourth Speed Interview session for the boys at Warwick School's Upper Sixth. The sessions bring local businesses and students together in what is always an enjoyable event. Despite many the students having quite a few nerves to start with, most interviewers quickly help the boys to relax and get the most from the evening. At the close all parties come together for an informal chat on how the evening has gone, and tonight will be no different.

Moving on
July 2014
During the past few months I have been lending my support to the Career Academies (UK) programme through their relationship with one of their regional partners, Warwickshire College. The issues faced have been significant and much has been learnt by both sides. So much so, I have been asked to join another LAB (Local Advisory Board) to facilitate a smoother passage for other local partners. Additionally the work we started within the scheme, the formulation of a strategic marketing plan has now been picked-up at national level and has been mooted as being the model for selection and roll-out across ALL regions. There is still some way to go with this but the progress made to-date has been very positive.

Kings High, Warwick
July 2014
It was a pleasure to lend my support once again to the girls at Kings High School (Y11) on their annual entrepreneurship day. The event run by Angie Maffey of Maffey Associates brings business and schools together to show quite clearly how the skills they have learnt during their education can be used in commercial situations. Several Warwickshire companies attended and my thanks go to Angie and Sue from Kings High. I hope to see you again next year ladies!

Appointed Growth Voucher Advisor
May 2014
Nigel Davis has been confirmed as a Growth Voucher advisor under the Government's scheme to support SME's with strategic advice. The scheme means that companies who have been approved as recipients of the vouchers, are entitled to use this funding for part payment of up to 50% of the total cost. The Government are prepared to cover up to a maximum of £2,000 of costs. The advice is aimed at helping these businesses plan a formal growth strategy which the government feels should be led by advisors such as Nigel Davis, who is an MCIM Chartered Marketer and patron of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. To find out more about this scheme click on the Growth Voucher links on the Genesis DM website (

Marketing Phd student comes to town
May 2014
Nigel Davis was happy to welcome marketing Phd student Antel Sakr to Rugby today as he came to Genesis DM to ask for input as he prepares his thesis on emotional signals gained through print advertising. Antel said, 'Your previous long experience in print production and your work with advertising agencies as well as with end users is very valuable and important to me for the purpose of my study. This experience, however, becomes of even greater value and importance when it is integrated with your current work at Genesis DM and your focus on strategic planning. You now have an accurate and deep understanding not only about how advertising is designed but also how it comes to serve as a method or a tool for communicating a strategy, and in turn how this could impact the advertising content (e.g. the message or meaning conveyed through the ad, which elements of the ad convey this meaning etc.). You also definitely have a clearer picture about the communication process as a whole'.

Guru Lecture
Jan 2014
Warwickshire College recently asked us to deliver a ‘Guru Lecture’ that would enhance the studies of their 2014 ‘A’ Level Career Academy students. As well as formal qualifications and the lectures, the course aims to introduce them to business partners and potential employers; we were happy to oblige. As the students had only been on the course for a matter of months we used the theme of ‘using time to your advantage’. Recounting stories from our own business we discussed several changes we needed to adopt and the results we subsequently gained from doing so. The presentation used some interactive elements which transformed the ‘lecture’ into what we hope was a fun and insightful 1hour presentation. It was well received with many thoughtful questions from the students and which kept us there well beyond our allotted finish time.

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